A New Controversy of Baby given Solid Food Sooner Sleep Better Confuse the Mothers: Which should be embraced?

A new recent study has been developing by JAMA Pediatrics about the baby given solid food sooner sleep better. This news quite stuns many parties such as moms and the health service because the baby substitutes are given in three months age. So, it becomes a controversy between the health service and the part which reviewing the research. Meanwhile, the suggestion about the given of the breastfeeding exclusively has been campaigned since a long time ago. This official advice emphasized to save the infant from the bad digestion. Besides that, it helps the infant to form the nerves. However, the study gives another reason related to the baby’s sleeping quality.

“Baby given Solid Food Sooner Sleep Better” Got Several Supports but do not give Any Foods  

The study about “baby was given solid food sooner sleep better” is done by King’s College in London and St George’s, University of London. They took 1,303 three-month-olds babies and divided them into two teams or groups. One group was made for with exclusive breastfeeding study and another for the solid food giving. Then, each parent is asked to fill online questionnaires for 12 months. Afterward, it continued every three months until the children reach three years. Apparently, the result of the study gives good effects for the baby and moms. They got baby with solid food since in three-month-old nests rarely wake up at night. It makes the mom and the dad could sleep well too.

The fact, a survey of 2010 said that 75% of mothers in British have given solid food before five months. That decision is taken according to the quarter (26%) infant nighttime waking. Prod Gideon Lack from King’s College, London also supports the statement of the impact of solid food on the baby sleeping. A half of the serious problems such as irritable and crying lessen significantly. It surely helps the parents to turn back to go to sleep again. Even though, moms cannot give solid food or the other breast milk additional at random. They should know better what food fits with their infant.

Before proving the research about the baby given solid food sooner sleep better, it will be recommended to understand these following notices:

  1. Give the infant with mashed or soft first food such as carrot, apple, sweet potato, yam, or parsnip.
  2. Introduce soft fruits like melon and peach. Besides that, you can give baby cereal or baby rice which is mixed with your milk.
  3. Before feeding the baby with the mashed food, it is suggested to blend it on the spoon. Between one baby and another have a different time period to adopt the new textures.
  4. Do not give the same food but try with a different kind though it will take lots of efforts to do.

Nonetheless, this study is still reviewing and developed so it cannot be used as the official benchmark. On the other hand, numerous moms disagree with the statement of the baby given solid food sooner sleep better. If they feed their baby before six month age, they have big guilty. Well, those all are merely an opinion based on the research. When you doubt about the statement or you agree with it, keep consult with the doctor first.

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