Bacon is as Harmful as Cigarette: is this excessive?

In October 2015, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared that bacon is as harmful as cigarettes for the human health. This statement is based on the classification of the processed meat is carcinogenic to human. Consume bacon or the processed meat increases colorectal cancer. Carcinogen substance in bacon is aligned with cigarette, asbestos, arsenic, and alcohol. Seemly, numerous parts deny that official announcement from WHO. They assume that the declaration is a mistake and they also accuse this international health organization had stirred the media. Even, the International Agency of Research into Cancer (IARC) disagrees with the WHO. They look for the evident with doing research with 800 study global.

Bacon is as Harmful as the cigarette is an Old Invention

If bacon is as harmful as a cigarette, why the WHO does not work fast to warn people? That is a big question for them even they think that this health organization never serious care to the human health. Here, IARC adduces different report supporting their argument. They write that meat contains various components and the chemical substance. It is formed when the meat is cooking or processed.

For example is carcinogenic, N-nitroso compound, heterocyclic aromatic amines, and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon. Several of those chemical essences are suspected as the carcinogens and even some of them are found in the air pollution. Nonetheless, IARC still not understand how come bacon and the other processed meat afford to increase cancer risk.

Truthfully, it is quite difficult to believe the WHO finding the hazard of processing meat. It remembers that each person has a different likeness toward the colorectal cancer risk. Moreover, each of them has a various way to eat and immune. The WHO study may be true but it needs to be further investigated. It can be misleading to some people and even cutthroat. Bacon is as harmful as cigarette when people consume it uncontrollable and surely it also causes many illnesses such as:

  1. Zoonosis and sepsis

Those are two diseases which are signed with fewer, headache, nausea, vomiting, and pungent cold feeling. Both are caused by too much-consuming pork, soup, and the pig’s heart that is not guaranteed cleanliness.

  • Spiral worm infection

It is an acute disease and needs to be treated soon or the sufferer will meet the death. The spread of the disease is started from the consuming too much of bacon, pork, and overeating pork soup.

  • Blue pig’s ear disease

The Blue pig’ ear cannot contagious to the human but it contains 70% virus relates to other diseases. It is such as poultry cholera, swine flu, typhoid, etc.

  • Streptococcus bacteria disease in pigs

Streptococcus is very spread to human through pig’s couch, infected pig soup, smelling pork, scratch sores, and the rest.

Well, turn back to the beginning discussion. Based on the statements above it can be concluded that bacon is not harming during the consumption is not exceed. Therefore, the government should be careful in recognizing bacon is as harmful as the cigarette as carcinogenic.  The wrong step may cause harm to others in which it can cause the reduction in the sales rate of bacon. 

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