Be Careful! Too Much Sugar Can Cause Physical and Mental Health

Physical and Mental Health

As we know that consuming a high sugar diet gives an impact on the mental health. Do you believe it? It should be like that because we are going to discuss it more. Before explaining it, it is better for you to know that eating dessert too much can cause something. It can cause the problem of physical health like obesity. Besides, the processed food can cause diabetes. In addition, some studies have shown that consuming a high sugar will have some effects. Have you known it guys? Well, it can affect on your own mood, your learning, and also your life quality.

Four Problems of Mental Health

Actually, there are four kinds of the mental health problems which you should know. It is caused by consuming some food like sugar, sweeteners (high fructose corn syrup, molasses, maple syrup, honey). So, here are the problems:

  1. Depression

There is a research that has shown and proved that consuming the heavy sugar can improve the depression risk. Besides, it can cause an individual has bad outcomes with schizophrenia. Moreover, you need to know that there are two theories which explain about sugar.

First, sugar has a hormone that is called BDNF. It is low in depression and schizophrenia to the individuals. The second theory says that sugar is chronic inflammation root. It may cause to the system of immune, the brain, and other systems in the human body. Besides, it can also cause to the depression. Shortly, people in a country consume high sugar; they may have a high depression rate.

  • Addiction

Related to the problems of mental health, the drugs, sugar, and also processed junk foods may change the function of the consumer’s brain. It means that it can make the brain with the chemical dopamine.

  • Anxiety

You have to know that the standard American diet is full of sugar and fat too. That is why it shows the symptoms or worsens anxiety. Besides, it also causes the ability of the body which is related to the stress. Take for example, there is an individual who has panic attacks, he or she will be hyper-alert to the impending danger signs.

Furthermore, consuming sugar can also cause the blurry vision, fatigue, and difficulty thinking. All of them can be interpreted as panic attack signs which can improve the human fear and worry. Besides, a high sugar can also cause the high tension and shake. Both of them may make worse anxiety.

  • Learning and memory

If we talk about the problems of mental health, sugar can cause the ability of human cognitive like a learning and memory. Then, the high sugar diet causes the resistance of insulin. In a fact, it can damage the communications between the human brain cells which contain the formation of learning and memory.

After knowing those problems with mental health above, what will you do? We are very suggested that the consumption of sugar should be changed. You can consume it less than before. Take for an example; you may consume sugar about 13 per cent of your daily calories. Finally, you can start to have a healthy life in order to get an optimal health. Do you agree? It is a must.

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