Breast Cancer: The Second Deadly Disease for Woman That Rare to be aware

The Second Deadly Disease for Woman

Breast cancer has been successful killed many women in the world and it becomes the second death cause for women after the lungs cancer. This disease even not only attacks the moms but also the young girls. Whereas, breasts belong to the important thing support the appearance and their future. Such as we know, the woman will use it to breastfeeding her children after pregnancy later. Therefore, it must be on guard as good as possible pretty your future is not distinguished. Knowing more about this cancer is very important for each woman. Discover here all the information about the illness from the meaning, cause, symptom, until the treatment.

The Definition, Causes, Symptoms, and the Treatment of the Breast Cancer

The Breast cancer is the most killed illness attacking the woman both young and old because of the tumor growth. It comes with 5 stages from zero (0) to four (IV). The stage 0 is also known as the ductal carcinoma in situ (DCID). In the condition, the tumor has been invasion the tissue around and it is still limited in the duct. Next, the stage I is the early level of cancer where the tumor grows 2 centimeters (cm). This stage has not affected any lymph nodes. Meanwhile, in stage II, the tumor cell is still in 2 cm size but it stars spreading to the closed nodes. The stage III; the cancer cell has been growing to 5 centimeters (cm) and it might have been spreading to some lymph nodes. In stage IV, cancer has been spread to the further area. It is such as liver, lungs, brain, and bones.

At this time, there are four types of the breast cancers which are commonly known. It can be “Ductal carcinoma” as the common type that attacks the duct milk. Lobular carcinoma is the second type and illness starts in the lobules. The invasive breast tumor is the condition where cancer cell breaks out from the lobules and duct. Then, it attacks the tissue around and even it will spread to the other organs. Non-invasive breast tumor represents the condition of the tumor is still inside it’s the place. Hence, it will be developed to be the invasive type. Obvious, men are able to get the breast cancer but this event is very rare to happen.

After talking about the definition and type, it is now the time to find out the causes. Nevertheless, the real cause is still unclear but there are some factors can increase the risk such as:

  1. Age     : It starts from the age of 20-70.
  2. Genetic & Breast lumps history: The risk is higher when there is a family member who ever got it.
  3. Breast tissue density: The density of the breast tissue also gives an influence.
  4. Breastfeeding: It happens when the moms do it for over a year.
  5. Estrogen exposure: Expose over a long period
  6. Obesity: It  occurs when the obesity after menopause                                  
  7. Alcohol: Alcohol from liquor increases the risk when it is consumed in a long period.
  8. Radiation exposure: The usage of radiotherapy for healing also increases the risk.
  9. Cosmetic: Some products may contain the hazard chemical essences which threat the body.
  10. Occupational hazards: It may come from the workplace and work at night shift.
  11. Hormone treatment: The hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and the oral birth pills may increase this disease.

The breast cancer can be treated with surgery, radiation therapy, hormone therapy, chemotherapy, and biological therapy. Even though, it should be done with seeing the condition of the patient. Actually, do prevention is far better than you have to take your money for the expensive treatment. Do not forget to keep care of your body. Always do exercise, consume many nutrients, choose a healthy cosmetic, and avoid alcohol. Love your body!

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