Learn What the Brain Cancer is that Sound horrible and Deadly

Brain cancer is also called the brain tumor but not all tumors in the brain include as cancer. It is because there are two categories that a benign tumor and a malignant tumor. Meanwhile, the malignant tumor belongs to the cancer category because it is more difficult to be handled. This tumor cell growth spreads aggressively and defeats the healthy cells. They take place, blood, and the nutrients. Blood and nutrient make the cancer cell keeps survive and grow. Not only invade the brain, the cell can also spread to the other parts of the body. Seemly, this disease cannot be underestimated.

Cause, Symptom, and the Cure of the Brain Cancer

There are a lot of questions existing in many people mind about the brain cancer. It is because this illness belongs to one of the deadly diseases in the world. Even, the amount of the death due to this disease always increases each year. Wow, it sounds dreadful and difficult to be cured. Actually, everything can be healed if we can detect it early. Besides that, it will be better again when we aware of the causes and the symptoms. Here are the causes of cancer in the brain:

  1. Genetic factor. It becomes the biggest factor to get cancer if the parents or other family members have got it. They should be careful and take care of the body more.
  2. Get high exposure radiant to the head
  3. Consume junk foods which contain many dangerous chemical substances.

Meanwhile, the symptoms of the brain tumor or cancer are:

  1. Get a headache (come and go, mild, persistent, until severe)
  2. Get difficult to speak and remember the words
  3. Get hearing, vision, smell, or taste disorder
  4. Severe: convulsion, mild stage: get fleeting disturbance awareness and sensation or jerking muscles
  5. Some part of bodies get weakness or paralysis
  6. Loss of balance
  7.  Get a general irritation, and change a personality or drowsiness
  8. Get nausea and vomiting

How to heal the brand cancer can do with:

  • Staging

It is the first step of the cure by describing the condition of your cancer after you get MRI and or CT Scans test. The doctor will get you how far the cancer cell has been spread in the brain. The brain tumor has four levels from I to IV in the category is based on the severity and the handling.

  • Treatment Types

The treatment for the brain tumor includes surgery, radiotherapy, steroid therapy or chemotherapy. Sometimes, the disease also needs a combination of those treatments. Even, it must be removed completely with craniotomy, postoperative radiotherapy, glioblastomas, or temozolomide. 

  • Palliative care

This treatment is aimed to improve the quality of life by defusing the symptoms of cancer. It works to relieve pain and manage the other symptom. This process will include the radiotherapy, chemotherapy, or the other medicines.

  • Screening

This healing is just available in Australia

It is seemly difficult to prevent the brain cancer and the treatment needs much cost. Nonetheless, keep nurturing your health with do the healthy lifestyle. Besides that, a visit to the doctor and take a medical checkup regularly. It helps you to detect the disease early and make easy the healing. 

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