Quit Smoking Now to Save Your Future and If You care to the Innocent People Around

Quit Smoking Now to Save Your Future

Quit smoking is something impossible for people who have got addicted. It is like a virus already in our body. Whereas we all know that cigarette contains much toxics which always treats our body. Even, the hazards also affect to the passive smokers is who they exposed the vapor. Toxic from the smoke is not only from the tobacco and the vapor but also from the paper wrapping it. So, smoking is dangerous for the smoker and the people around. It is a problem absolutely needs a serious handle soon. So, is there any solution to solve this issue?

Hazards of Smoking until the Simple Ways to Quit Smoking

In fact, the smokers not only come from men but also women where their age is still very young (teenage). Knowing about the content of tobacco will be the early step to quit smoking. There are a lot of toxins inside of the tobacco start from tar, nicotine, arsenic, cadmium, benzene, cyanide, hydrogen cyanide, ammonia, acetylene, carbon monoxide, methanol, and formaldehyde. Here are the dangers of those chemical essences for the human body:

  • Tar: More than 4. 000 chemical essences exist inside and 60 among is carcinogenic or emerge cancers.  
  • Nicotine: This content makes the user relax but it is only in a temporary time.
  • Arsenic: It is the ingredient in the rat toxic.
  • Cadmium: It is a very poisoned and radioactive metal.
  • Benzene: A flammable and colorless chemical organic essence.
  • Cyanide: A chemical essence containing Ciano category.           
  • Hydrogen cyanide: A poison is used to eradicate ants. This essence is also the material of a plastic production.
  • Ammonia: It exists everywhere and it is toxic when this substance mixes with the current elements.
  • Acetylene: An unsaturated chemical compound is the simplest alkaline hydrocarbon compound.
  • Carbon monoxide: It is a poisoned chemical material which is founded in the vehicle exhaust fumes.
  • Methanol: It is the simplest alcohol known as the methyl alcohol.
  • Formaldehyde: A poisoned liquid used for preserving corpses.

The number of harmful content in cigarettes should make them afraid to maintain their hobby. Next, here are some tips to quit smoking:

  1. Change your hobby and forget the triggers

Change this bad hobby from now with more useful activities. Do new hobby suitable with your talent and skill. Do not remember what makes you take the cigarette again. Forget everything which can be the triggers.

  • Pick a date

Pick a date to start your goal and do not postpone it again. You can run your desire to stop smoking from this day, tomorrow, this week, etc. Besides that, you can reduce your smoking intensity with smoke in current time. Even though, you keep planning to stop it totally.

  • Be active

Make yourselves always busy with many positive activities. It is such as exercises, works, playing with friends, and so on. Those activities will divert your attention to take a cigarette.

  • Take a consultation to the doctor

If you have had done in many ways including the above tips but it not works, you should visit the doctor. They will give you some advice and methods which are effective to stop smoking.

Smoking causes heart diseases, lungs cancer, impotent, disorders of pregnancy, etc. The smokers absolutely know about the dangers of smoking but they ignore it. It is because they feel difficult to leave this hobby. Moreover, the environment around contributes the biggest influence to keep smoke. They will really stop this hobby after they get a serious illness and it has been usually late. Therefore, quit smoking now to prevent those diseases and to save your future.

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