Republican House Plan to Cut the Children Health Insurance: Medicaid may be the First Victim

Cut the Children Health Insurance

A bad news will befall the national pediatric hospital if the U.S. House of Representative wins the proposal about the cutting funds. Republican House as the proposing party had met Donald Trump in the National Republican Congressional Committee March Dinner. They had discussed it in the National Building Museum on March 20th in Washington DC through the speaker of Paul Ryan. In all conscience, this discourse had proposed last year but it has not given the result. Therefore, Ryan tries to talk about it again in which the cutting fund leads to the inpatient care from the outpatient. Seemly, the news begins making some children’s hospital feel worried.

The Cutting Fund for the Children Health Insurance takes Medicaid as the Target

Based on the Fitch Ratings’ report states there will be a new future for the children’s hospitals. It sees a movement “risk-based contracts” which becomes the serious problem for the pediatric facilities. Hence, the condition will be worst if the Republicans work to get the goal. They want to slash spending the Medicaid’s budget which funding a half of pediatric care in the U.S. children’s hospital. In fact, the cutting fund will be the serious attention to the hospitals that very rely on Medicaid. To avoid the failure last year, Ryan does a lot of approaches including inserting Medicaid as the block grant program. This is such as the project of limited akin similar to AHCA (American Health Care Act)

A CEO of Children’s Hospital Association, Mark Wietecha” said that the cut both directly and through the block grant influence to the kids. Besides, Medicaid along with the other Children’s Health Insurance has load nearly 40 million children. It enrollees them in more than 74 million places (Chartis Group’s report).  Medicaid is indeed more open where the fund is got from the match between the states and the federal government. Even though, this health care for children is always searched by most people. It dares to pay the children with the big fund for their expensive cost medicines and treatment. 

Wietecha also adds that Medicaid is the health insurance has coverage 55% of pediatric patients since 2011. Indeed, the insurance grows gradually to help children get the best treatment. Therefore, the decision of the cutting fund will really influence to the children and the hospital that handle it. It makes the pediatrics patient must get home care treatment though they should be inpatient. The change of the payment system from inpatient to outpatient makes many hospitals get the potential loss of business. 

In fact, the policy is not only impacted to the nation’s hospital but also the stand-alone children hospital. Apparently, the risk-based contracts have encouraged the hospital to be more sensitive toward the cost. This condition emerges the reimbursement pressure to the hospital with the unstructured risk management. By the way, the government should be careful to release the decision. It needs a deep consideration and approval from many parts. When the U.S. officials do the wrong step, the children will get the biggest disadvantages.

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