Share The Difference between Healthy Lung and Smoker’s Lungs to Save One and More Souls

The emergence of the difference between healthy lung and smoker’s lungs is wished able to aware many people about the dangers of smoking. A lot of people around us become the smoker both active and passive. Even, the amount of the smoker always increases each year in the whole world. They never realize that they are actually killing themselves and the others people around. They actually have known about the hazards of smoking but they deliberately ignore it. It is because the addiction chemical essences which make they cannot get out of the smoke. The people will really leave this bad hobby when many serious effects take their health.

The Difference between Healthy Lung and Smoker’s Lungs will Open Your Heart

It may be the first time for you to read the difference between the healthy lung and smoker’s lungs. Yeah, it is the latest news which is delivered by Amanda Eller, a nurse based in North Caroline. She uploads a video that explains about two lungs from a smoker and non-smoker. One of the lungs represents the people whom always spend a pack per day for 20 years. Another lung represents the people without the cigarette and, in fact, the content of the video shocks many people. What is the content of the video? Here are the explanations:

  1. Red lungs and black lungs

The condition of the healthy lungs and the smoker’s lung is different. A non- smoking person has fresh red colored lungs. It signs that the internal organ is healthy and free from all diseases such as cancer. Meanwhile; the black color sign is unhealthy and full of diseases.   

  • Black lungs fail to inflate

In the video, Ellen pumps both lungs representing a respiration. The black lungs are unable to inflate properly when it is pumped. The air from the pump is as if heavy or difficult to insert the lungs. It means that people who do not smoke have a better lungs condition. Meanwhile, the black lungs of the smokers are unhealthy.

  • Red colored lungs from the non-smokers inflate well

The lungs of the non-smoker people can inflate well because the organ is able to load much air suitable with the capacity. Besides it can inflate perfectly, it also deflates slowly as normal.

  • The healthy lungs which have the red color are able to recoil in which it prevents breathlessness.

Those are little bit few of the difference between the healthy lung and smoker’s lungs. So, how come the lungs of the smoker have black color? The black color indicates the amount of the toxic inside the lungs from the cigarette. It is gathered little by little during a certain period of time. The cigarette in which the main ingredient is tobacco contains a lot of the chemical substances. It is such as tar, acetylene, cadmium, nicotine, ammonia, carbon monoxide, etc. Those essences bring much toxic that is ready to attack the smokers in seconds.

What a horrible the effect of smoking is! Even, it is not only dangers themselves but also the people around. People who get the smoke from the smoker are called the passive smoker and obvious they get the bigger negative effect than the user. Therefore, stop smoking from this minute and ask the people around you. Share the difference between healthy lung and smoker’s lungs now in order to give them knowledge and practice it. One share can save one soul even more. 

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