Starbuck is Eliminating Plastic Straws from All Stores: Save the Ocean as a lounge as Drink Coffee

eliminating plastic straws

There recent news about Starbucks is eliminating plastic straws from all stores is very pride and inspiring. This big coffee drink company announces it to fight the ocean pollution in the world. Based on the latest research said many birds and the sea species died because of the plastic trash. They eat it or tangled and sadly the death amount always increases every year. Starbucks plans to move from the plastic straws to the paper or compostable and recycle plastic material. It surely will reduce the ocean pollution and save a lot the life of the souls. By the way, the eliminating process has been begun step by step and it estimated to end in 2020.

The Innovation of Starbucks is Eliminating Plastic Straws from All Stores never thought of before

In point of fact, ocean pollution from plastic has been a big attention to some countries in the world. Several countries in American and Europe seemly have enforced a ban of plastic straws and the other utensils. Then, some food and beverage retailers begin to wipe out it from their serving. Starbuck is eliminating plastic straws from all stores using some ways. Firstly, they change the flat plastic lids with a raised lip drink lids designed from “Sippy cup.” Secondly, the company uses a dome lids cup with straws from the compostable material for Frappuccino drinks. Besides that, there are eco-friendly version straws for the coffee drinkers and the strawless lid cup for cold foam brew.

Starbucks plans to begin the action for the new lids from the stores in Canada, Vancouver, and Seattle. CEO Kevin Johnson said that the company has already to help compostable and recyclable cups for the hot drinks in $10 million commitment.  He also added that this planning would be the most significant milestone in the form of the company’s sustainable attempts. By the decision to transmit to the more eco-friendly things, Starbuck will get rid of more than 1 billion plastic straws each year. Meanwhile, this lightweight beverage utensil takes more parts toward the ocean pollution than the others.

Seemly, the declaration of Starbuck is eliminating plastic straws from all stores will be followed by the Hyatt Hotel and McDonald’s (MCD). The hotel begins the phase out the single-use straws beginning on September 1. It is announced on Monday and added that that thing will be available when there is a request from the customers. It is still on the same month (September); McDonald’s also want to switch it to the paper straws. The company is going to start imposing it in United Kingdom (UK) and Ireland. They also plan to complete it in 2019 later. The restriction of the plastic straws which is done by those large companies is expected will be followed by the other related parts. It is going to more save the ocean and the marine life underneath. Therefore, let’s support Starbuck is eliminating plastic straws from all stores with do the same case. Reduce the plastic usage and do not throw it anywhere. Alongside that, you can do more with clean the sea from rubbish and plant trees.

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