The Breast-Feeding Resolution in Geneva imports Pros and Cons after the U.S. Official Opposition

The Breast-Feeding Resolution

Breastfeeding resolution is becoming a warmth conversation in thoroughly the world. It is because the resolution is threatened to fail to be legalized. The new innovation which will save many children gets an opposition from the U.S. in Geneva for the United-affiliated World Health Assembly in this spring. American official does it to maintain their marketing of the infant formula manufacturers. Meanwhile, the resolution born to limit the circulation of the products pretty the baby keeps getting a proper food intake. World Health Official itself said that the rightest baby food is the breast milk. Evidently, the decision of the American opposition really shocks the world.

Breastfeeding Resolution emerges Big Pros and cons

The opposition of the American officials about the breastfeeding resolution is a bold decision. As the matter of fact, that country dares to remove the language that nature to limit the marketing of the breast milk substitutes. This Super Power state takes several country delegations to support the aim. Even, U.S. has ultimate Ecuador to will punish it with withdraw the military aid and the trade measure. The fact is not only Ecuador that is fear to support the resolution but also the amount of delegation at the conference. It includes to the tune of the poor countries such as Mexico, Uruguay, America Latin, and some countries in Africa.

In the point of fact, this action of the U.S. includes the blackmail category. The American delegation tries to overturn the consensus which has existed nearly 40 years to save the children and infant health. Luckily, this effort is unsuccessful after the Russian delegation stands to save those countries from the American menace. Then, the State Department starts to decline to respond to several questions about this case. The State government refuses to discuss it privately but it says that H.H.S was not embroiled toward the ultimatum for Ecuador. Even though, H.H.S indeed denies the breast-feeding resolution with says that not all women can breastfeed their children due to various reasons. It seems only a camouflage to promote the baby milk substitutes.

Most baby milk substitutes and foods are dominated by America and Europe. They sell their products to the rich and develop countries where many modern women like it. The women give it because it helps the in practice case. It makes them easy to do a lot of activities such as working fulltime. It estimates the sales will increase 4% in 2018. If the resolution keeps run so it will inhibit even reduce the sale. Therefore, U.S. tries using the supporting reasons and some counties as the tactic to fail the resolution. In the end, the State agrees with the breastfeeding resolution because of the Russian delegation action. The spokesman said that the American government will not opposite the resolution. Even though, U.S. also asks to never limited or prohibit the promotion of the baby substitute products. If it happens, the country will not support the foundation of the World Health Organization (WHO) again. It seemly becomes the best decision for all parts and works to liberate Ecuador and the other countries from the U.S. recitation.

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