The Four Types of Useful Piriformis Stretches You Should Know

Piriformis Stretches

Welcome to the discussion of piriformis stretches! Firstly, you need to recognize that the irritation of the sciatic nerve causes the lower back and hip pain. Then, this nerve is deep in the buttock so that it can cause the irritations and sciatica pain too. Moreover, the sciatic nerve may pass through the piriformis muscle. It can cause the symptoms of sciatica or syndrome of the piriformis. It can be seen by having pain in the hips and lower back. In order to solve those problems, we will share you some types of the stretches which you can do. Please remember that before doing the stretches, it is important for you to warm up for a few minutes.

Types of Piriformis Stretches

There are four types of piriformis stretches which can be very useful for you. Actually, they can help you to solve sciatica, hip and lower back pain. After starting and trying them, you, of course, will be surprised because of the positive effects of them.

Pay attention, please!

  1. Standing Piriformis Stretch

The first step of this piriformis stretch is standing up and putting your painful leg over the other knee of legs. Then, it should be lower the hips and toward the floor, surely at 45-degree angle. How about the position of the arms? You have to extend your arms to the ground in order to be parallel. Please hold for 30 up to 60 seconds!

  • Supine Piriformis Stretch

In this type, you are suggested in a lying position and your knees bent upwards. Then, cross your painful leg over the others toward the chest. So, you can take one knee with your one hand. Don’t forget to take the ankle too! Please do them and hold for half a minute!

  • Outer Hip Piriformis Stretch

This kind of piriformis stretch is done when you lie on the back. Please put your foot near the back of the other leg’s knee. After that, you can twist your leg to the opposite. It can be done by making your knee face or can touch the ground. Moreover, position of your arm on the knee and raise the other one in the air. Thus, you can start to lower the other arm toward the opposite knee. Please hold it for about 20 seconds.

  • Buttocks Stretch for the Piriformis Muscle

You can do this kind by dragging the leg’s foot. Remember that you should put your own hands and also the knees on the ground. Then, twist the leg’s foot towards the opposite side and close to your hip. Don’t forget to point toward the knee to the shoulder!

After that, it is better for you to lower your head. Actually, it is done in order for your forehead to touch the ground. Besides, lean your forearms on the ground too. Next, you can stretch the other leg and push your hips to the ground. Do it for about half a minute and please reply it three times.

Well, those are four kinds of piriformis stretches which you should know well. Hopefully, this interesting discussion will be very useful for you who need it. We have explained them one by one so clear and in detail. That is why you must have a good understanding of it. Have good try guys!

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