Vets’ Warning: Marijuana Poison more Harmful for Dogs and Pets than the Human

Marijuana Poison more Harmful for Dogs

Marijuana or cannabis is one of the painkiller medicines which the usage is very limited by the government and the health world. Even, some countries ban this plant from entering the territory because it can harm the citizens. If it is used rightly, it is able to relieve the fibromyalgia pain. Well, it is one of unhealed disease where the sufferer feels pain thoroughly the body for the rest of the life. Otherwise, cannabis causes a big damage for the user when they are unable to control the usage. It brings in some serious illnesses and even the death. Furthermore, the Marijuana Poison more harmful for pets such as dogs and cats.

Marijuana poisons harm the Dogs very much but it is Treatable

This incident overwrites a woman, named Dr. Jen Gunter, that found her dog (Hazel) must be brought to the veterinarian. That 3-year-old Labrador shows unusual and abnormal behavior. Her pet could not lift the body up and only hangs her head over on the couch. Then, Hazel began to shuddering, kept her eyes open, and lost bladder control. Apparently, she is poisoning of the marijuana and it had to go to the veterinarian clinic as soon as possible. This case is proven with the urine toxicology test that containing THC substance in her system.

Hazel many accidentally ate the food which contains marijuana or it smells the vapor of the cannabis cigarette. By the way, Gunter told the experience of the dog in Facebook and obvious, it has been shared by many people quickly. Here, she deliberately did it to warn the people which have pets to be careful toward the marijuana. Cats also have the risk with the cannabis poison but dog are more risk than the cat. It is because the dogs include the very curious animal and indiscriminate eaters. So, he can gobble an edible such as marijuana flowers or the discarded bones. 

Recently, the veterinarian clinic calling increases up to 448 percent for more six years. Most of the calling relates to the pets and the marijuana. A veterinarian at Pet Emergency & Special Center named Peter Bowie had treated four or five dogs a week which got THC. Some of them got home nursing care but the severe level got IV fluids and a respiratory watch. A dog which poisons of marijuana should get aid soon from the veterinarian clinic. If you ignore it, that animal can be in a dangerous condition. This plant may cause low body temperature, low heart rates, tremors, dilated pupils, low blood pressure, comma, until death. Once more, the dog with marijuana poison is treatable when the owner brings it to the veterinarian immediately. Therefore, the people should know the symptoms of the poisoned well. In the other sides, keep far away from the pet from indiscriminate edible and the smokers who use cannabis. The fact is the dogs more felt pain and poisoned than the human. Hopefully, the information above is useful for you the pet lovers. Give the best food and do not let them consume any edible. For you, the smokers, do not smoke when you are playing with your dogs or the other pets.  

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