Workout to Tighten and Tone Lower Body: These 8 Exercises are Easy and Fast Result

Tighten and Tone Lower Body

How to workout to tighten and tone lower body is not much known by women. You, of course, ever feel jealous seeing the women with a perfect body. They have slender legs and a slim body. Do not worry because you are still able to repair your legs like them only with 20 minutes each day. There are 8 ways to make your legs look beautiful like the top models in the television or magazines. Even though, it requires a requirement that must be met is that you must be diligent. You should believe that this exercise will be successful and you willing to do it at least in two weeks.

Workout to tighten and tone lower body with these 8 easy Exercises:

  1. Lunges

The first workout to tighten and tone lower body can be got with lunges. Stand tall with your feet position are shoulder-width apart. Then, combine your hands to make your body keep balance. Step left the left foot while another foot keeps in the place. Then, bend your left knee and pause when the upper thigh is parallel to the ground. Meanwhile, the right foot must be straight completely. After that, contract the hamstring muscle and push it from the ground to return to the beginning position. Next, repeat with the right foot.

  • PliĆ© squat

Stand up straight with the flat back and a tight core. Put your feet are wider than the back in which the toes face to the left and the right. Touch the dumbbell with your both hands while looking forward. Bend your lunges while moves the hips backward.

Pause and return slowly to the starting position without locking the knees. Repeat.

  • Glute Kickbacks

Make a crawl position like a cat with one of the touch the ground. Lift up one of the feet and push it backward. Even though, do not let the hands which stand tall on the ground bend. Repeat this movement with another foot. 

  • Star Jumps

Make the early position: stand with two feet together and the hands are on both sides of the body. Then, bend the knees slightly and then straighten it. Next, jump while opening the feet diagonally in which the feet spay over the hip-width apart. At that time, raise your arms until both palm meet above the head. When the feet snuggle, let off the hand until touch the body. Do it over and over again!

  • Clams

Start the workout to tighten and tone lower body lie on your left side on the mat and left hand behind your head. Meanwhile, the right hand is across your body. Place the feet behind you with stack and bend the knees. Lift up the left knee while keeping the feet under. Pause it when the left knee on the top and then pull down slowly.

  • Dumbbell Step-Ups

Put a bench in front of you while holding a dumbbell. Step up your right foot but the left foot keeps stand on the ground. Hold it for a while and next stand to the bench together and turn back to the ground. Do it with the hand go straight down while holding the dumbbell.

  • Squats

Put the feet as wide as your shoulder while keeping your chest and your abdominals braced. Swing the arms to the shoulders while bending the knees and drive the hips back such as you are sitting in the chair. Then drive the hips forward to after the upper thighs have been parallel with the ground

  • Bird-dogs

Shape a crawling position again. Push forward the right hands while pulling back the left foot. Pause and repeat it with another hand and foot. Do it over and over again

Well, those are the workout to tighten and tone lower body with 8 kinds of exercises. It never takes much time and surely everybody can practice it. Let’s go and see the change!

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